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Using assemblage, analogic photography , documents , and collage - like an archaeologist of vision, Marco Zezza digs the past eras to bring to light the past, forgotten stories and marginalised biographies, celebrating the values of their discarded humanity and feelings. In this artwork presented for Metaforart, poet Rupert Brook and his controversial identity forgotten in UK is unveiled after his family decided to destroy the love letters written to his lover, which have been found in more recent times. A though about how many denied stories of homosexuality have been repressed, unwanted plants that are unable to lose their seeds and will be born again. The depiction of love is in the plant green alkanet discovered in London, as a contrast between the weed and the flowers it generates.



Victoria is intrigued by the movement from traditional methods of presenting art, to a new perception in which the aesthetic of visual art is not just focussed on the direct view but is enhanced by stimulating different senses in order to produce a change of mood. ‘Voices’ consists of a compilation of personal stories of citizens from the 28 European member states all who currently reside in the UK. All the words are embroidered onto organza material in both English and original language. Each story is 1.5 x 1m in dimension and is complemented by an audio montage.  ‘Voices’ highlights multilingualism within communities, the mix of cultures sharing the city space and tries to accentuate the human factor.



Sophie believes that to get the best out of life you should immerse yourself in the culture and community of wherever you find yourself on this planet. The Come Unity Heart was born in Ladbroke Grove in 2016 as a love letter to carnival and her home of 17 years.  Its most recent incarnation was made to highlight the nonsense of Brexit. The forever in a heart collection is inspired by the trimer den which is an ancient Celtic symbol used to symbolize infinity and the balance between mind, body and spirit.  Her paintings are intended to be positive icons with colours that make your heart smile.



Marilyn J Fontaine is an East London-based mixed-media artist. The theme of her work documents the feminine aspects integral to her journey and is heavily influenced by the rituals and practices of Indigenous cultures. Heritage series (that started in 2018) focuses on the women from the diaspora and their connection to the UK, through their rituals, stories and taboos. The heritage series is a mixed media study of the cultural, familial and aesthetic rituals of black women from the Carribean and the Diaspora pre and post-Windrush. The layering of this work demonstrates the complexities of being culturally displaced and having to co-exist between the two cultures of the Diaspora and Britain. In the first series Heir - stories "Where I am from”, the artist explores the notion of blood ties, rituals and stories passed down through beauty rituals and hair plaiting.

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Lucy Crump is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in London. Lucy's painting and collage work draw inspiration from all around, creating platforms of discussion on current affairs, pop culture, and poetry.

These influences are channeled through the artist's hand and transcribed into a single expression or series of artwork/s. These elements alongside the choice of clashing colors, disjointed perspectives, and the element of chance merge into a powerful social commentary, building the artists' language of visual poetry.



Disha Trivedi is a glass sculpture maker based in London, UK. Having successfully studied M.A. at the University of Creative Arts, Farnham, with major in blown glass, Disha has been active as a maker, exhibitor and educator of decorative glass art, in particular Murrine glass technique.
Her new range of work is based on women’s freedom which she still finds missing in the Indian culture that she’s coming from. The work that she creates reflects courage and desire to blossom in her life and career and disregard the social pressure.



Ilaria Di Fore's strange mix of techniques and materials, harmony and chaos, reveals beauty through a dreamlike filter. By listening to the forgotten history of discarded objects, she creates new shapes and movement, showing the hidden life behind everyday objects, dreams and the mystery of nature. Her work for Love Is Magic is inspired by three places close to her memory. Taking the perspective of all the people who leave their countries where they were born, there is always a nostalgic feeling on the depictions of her works – her home town, Naples, London and New York both city the artists has lived and have a strong relationship with, ending with a painting from a imaginary place, that may not exist in real life.Each artwork is made with recycled or found boards canvas and frames.