March 2 - 8 | The Tabernacle

Story Of All Women

Welcome to Story Of All Women, an exhibition of selected women celebrating change for the betterment of the feminine gender. Ten artists explore their own stories and share what womanhood means to them, to celebrate and support women's rights while calling for gender equality.
Story Of All Women

Time & Location

March 2 - 8
The Tabernacle, The Tabernacle, 34-35 Powis Square, Notting Hill, London W11 2AY, UK

About the Event

The International Women's Day - celebrated annually on March 8th - is a global event to celebrate and support women's rights while calling for gender equality. 

With this exhibition we celebrate all the forms of womanhood, taking distinctive perspectives on women who have independently defined what this really symbolises for them.

10 artists with 10 different personalities will explore through art what it means to inhabit a female body today.  And how women can use the past, allegory, rituals and stereotypes to update a pattern that continues to dominate our visual culture to this day. 

The exhibition showcases and employs diverse media - photography, painting, sculpture and installation - using art as a platform to make each woman's voice heard, to provide an honest glimpse into the way women are represented in contrast to how they really want to be recognized. And to remind us that womanhood is not defined by who you love, how much you earn and anything else but yourself.

Opening: Thursday 5 March 2020 from 6pm to 8pm


Sophie Meyer

Marilyn Fontaine

Bethany Perry 

Freya Tewelde

Latifah A Stranack

Lucy Crump

Michaela Jay

Disha Trivedi

Vera Akotuah

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